Monday, April 30, 2012

Zany Z's ~ Life Lessons from Zambonis ~ A to Z Blog Challenge

For the A to Z Challenge, I’ve been doing my daily post without the letter of the day. Z doesn’t seem like much of a challenge, so I shall flip it and put as many ‘Z’ words as possible in today’s post. Get your dictionaries ready and remember that I am having to use some of these words with a very loose definition.

My zany husband told me to vocalize about Zambonis today. So I will.

By Calle Eklund/V-wolf via Wikimedia Commons
Zambonis are the zenith of resurfacing gizmos. Unlike bulldozers and road pavers, Zambonis blaze through the resurfacing task. Water freezing over the new glazed surface of the ice rink, removing the hazards of zigging grooves and zagging chinks.

Speed is essential since Zambonis must zip out and dazzle crowds several times at jazzy figure skating competitions and razzy hockey games.

Bozos that we are, people brazenly need God to be a Zamboni. Sin oozes across our lives with agonizing frequency. We can say Zippidy-do-dah because God can blitz in at any time to whizz over our life and zero out the sin scale with a fresh surface.

He is zealous to forgive those who ask.

Also like Zambonis, people use dozens of other names to attempt the same thing. There are real Zambonis and fake ones. And there is one Real God. 

Whew! What a crazy month! I have succeeded in the A to Z Challenge. Tomorrow my blog goes back to normal. Stick around – there are many great posts to come... just not quite as frequently. ;)

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  1. i plan to still visit!! congrats!!

  2. I've loved seeing your comments everyday, Lynn! Glad I'll see more of you in the future.

  3. Haha - I love it! You must have looked up every z-word in the dictionary!

    Pleased to "meet" you, by the way. :)

    A to Z Blogger & SF/Fantasy Writer @ Visions of Other Worlds

  4. I had several scrabble dictionary pages and other 'Z' related searches open while I wrote. ;)

    Pleased to meet you as well!