Sunday, April 1, 2012

No A's Available ~ Life Lessons from Trees ~ A to Z Blog Challenge

When I began thinking about the A to Z challenge, I thought for a long time about what I wanted to write. I tried to think of ways to find neat things about the English language with each letter. And then I thought, what if that letter didn't exist? So I am doing an abbreviated version of my Life Lessons series that I normally do on Fridays, but without using the letter of the day. What would life be like without that letter? Let's find out... 

Do you ever look upon trees? They bend in beguiling directions. Whether trying to find sunlight or wet nutrition, trees conform to get things they need. Sometimes this conforming requires interesting positions of growth. They end up bent, split, clinging to rocks, but still they survive. They thrive even in crude surroundings.

Some dig roots into rocky crevices, rising toward the sky with no edvidence of where they get their nourishment. But you know somewhere in the rock is just enough to give the tree everything it needs.

Followers of Christ need to be like trees. We must be willing to circumvent impediments in order to get closer to our Lord, even when it brings discomfort. Like trees, it is possible we will be left with odd twists in our history, but they only improve the credibility of our testimony. Be proud of your turns, for they show you were willing to follow Jesus wherever he led.

Whew! It's really hard to avoid the letter 'A'! Thank goodness for my trusty thesaurus! Check out other participants of the A to Z Blog Challenge by clicking the badge below. 


  1. Whew! Nice job of not using 'A'. A really nice idea.

  2. Thank you! I'm thinking when it comes to letters like X and Z I'm going to have to do the opposite and use as many as I can. ;)

  3. First, the life lesson is a good one.
    Second, wow you didn't use the letter a. That is a masterful skill.

  4. Thanks! A was definitely difficult. Some letters are sure to be easier than others.

  5. Very creative... sounds like quite a challenge!