Saturday, April 28, 2012

Yanked Out Y's ~ Life Lessons from Being Sick ~ A to Z Blog Challenge

When I began thinking about the A to Z challenge, I thought for a long time about what I wanted to write. I tried to think of ways to find neat things about the English language with each letter. And then I thought, what if that letter didn’t exist? So I am doing an abbreviated version of my Life Lessons series that I normally do on Fridays, but without using the letter of the day. What would life be like without that letter? Let’s find out...

First off, I am feeling much better. No more stories about Xander and his musical instrument.

Second, I would like to express something that occurred to me while being sick. I keep the children at home. It is something I have been blessed to be able to do. However, with little ones running around, it’s a problem when mom is out of commission. And believe me, mom was out of commission.

This is where another blessing comes into the picture. I live about an hour from Grandma. This is the perfect distance, I think. Close enough for a quick trip but far enough not to just stop over whenever the mood strikes. The fabulous, loving people that birthed and raised me rearranged things so that Grandma could come to the rescue.

Here’s the catch: I didn’t want her to.

No, this is not the house I live in.
This picture is from

I was desperate. It was almost impossible for me to care for the kids, but I wanted so bad to be able to tell her not to come. Because the house is a disaster. Not the “oh, there’s a bit of a mess so I’ll call it a disaster and people will think I’m cleaner than this on a normal basis”  kind of disaster. It was the “I dare someone to find a clean flat surface including the floor” kind of disaster.

And I didn’t want her to see it. But I needed her. I couldn’t do what needed to be done without her.

Life is like that. People have mentioned to me several times “I’ll come to Jesus when I get a few things cleaned up in life.” We want to bring Jesus into a clean house so He’ll think better of us. The thing is, Grandma knows I’m a horrendous housekeeper. This is not news. God knows the worst things we’ve done in life. It’s not news to Him either. Even Christians tend to hide from God when a little mess gets into their life.

We need Jesus. We can’t function as were created to without Him. So let Him in, no matter what the mess. And here’s the best news: He’s great at clean up.

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