Friday, April 13, 2012

Left Out L's ~ Life Lessons from a Late Post ~ A to Z Blog Challenge

When I began thinking about the A to Z challenge, I thought for a long time about what I wanted to write. I tried to think of ways to find neat things about the English language with each letter. And then I thought, what if that letter didn’t exist? So I am doing an abbreviated version of my Life Lessons series that I normally do on Fridays, but without using the letter of the day. What would life be like without that letter? Let’s find out...

My post is getting up at a time much nearer to noon than I post most days.

Why? Because I went to bed at a time that was much nearer to noon than my most frequent bed time. Yesterday was a very hard day for me. I didn’t get much rest the night before because of the kids and just not getting situated to snooze.

This morning I am doing so much better, it’s hard to grasp. Sometimes we just need to shut everything down and rest. It’s amazing how often we forget the importance of rest. Think about it. When something is pressing and we don’t have time to get it done, what is the first thing we sacrifice? Rest. And that’s not the best thing for us.

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  1. Words of wisdom. I'm a sleeper, if I don't get enough I just crash anyway...
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  2. That is what happened to me the other day. I tried Coke, I tried freezing everyone out of the house, loud music, you name it. I still crashed on the couch with almost no ability to rouse myself at all. Finally, I just went to bed.