Saturday, April 14, 2012

Marauded M's ~ Life Lessons from Traveling with Kids ~ A to Z Blog Challenge

When I began thinking about the A to Z challenge, I thought for a long time about what I wanted to write. I tried to think of ways to find neat things about the English language with each letter. And then I thought, what if that letter didn’t exist? So I am doing an abbreviated version of my Life Lessons series that I normally do on Fridays, but without using the letter of the day. What would life be like without that letter? Let’s find out...

Have you ever taken a trip with children? I do love how our kids have picked up on dear hubby's practicality and ask "are we close yet" because obviously we aren't there yet or the van would be stopped.

I don't love how often they ask.

On a recent trip to the grandparents, we hadn't even gotten on the interstate before its first utterance. It is a beautiful drive to their house, but, understandably, the kids were interested in actually hugging Granddad's neck, not the scenery between our house and theirs.

The issue this brings up is all the things they don't see because they are so focused on arriving. Like the toilet bowl planter or the HUGE (yes, like several people could picnic on the seat huge) rocking chair on the side of the road. We've passed it before they can look up and see what the hubbs and I are talking about.

We do this so often with God. He gives us a vision and we're so focused on getting there, on seeing it alter and turn into reality that we are unaware of the beautiful journey He wants to take us on the get there. Let's not be so quick to ask God "Are we close yet?" Instead let's start asking God what he wants us to learn along the way. Let's walk beside the Lord instead of in front.

Have you ever gotten ahead of God? What happened?

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  1. 2 of my kids do the "are we there yet" my eldest is a bit different. Her constant chime is "I gotta go to the restroom!" I love the analogy of getting ahead of God. I have done it before but am thankful He gently pulls me back!

  2. Ha! My eldest did that right after we potty trained her. Then she finally realized that made it take longer to get there.

  3. Kids are a 'trip' to travel with. The only way to keep them from asking the age old 'Are we there yet' question is to stuff them with food or a video game. haha I used to bother my dad with the same question on our drives. My goodness, in retrospect I can see what a patient man he is.

    I not only get ahead of myself but ahead of God. Most times we don't hear the voice of God because we are too busy asking (or pleading). You can't listen when you are babbling, right? Also, we listen to our will rather than His.

  4. This past trip we broke out the DVD player since we finally got a second screen so all of them can see now. That made it go much easier although the Phineas and Ferb theme song may never leave my head... :)