Monday, April 9, 2012

Hijacking H's ~ Life Lessons from Easter Eggs ~ A to Z Blog Challenge

When I began thinking about the A to Z challenge, I thought for a long time about what I wanted to write. I tried to think of ways to find neat things about the English language with each letter. And then I thought, what if that letter didn’t exist? So I am doing an abbreviated version of my Life Lessons series that I normally do on Fridays, but without using the letter of the day. What would life be like without that letter? Let’s find out...

Yesterday was Easter. Did you dye any eggs as part of your festivities? Included in our traditions for, er, above two and below four years, colored eggs are one of my kids favorite Easter activities. My eldest dyed eggs in Pre-K. A pink and a yellow egg came back after a class party.

My baby girl decided to eat one of my kid’s eggs for snack. I assumed my lassie’s eggs were boiled, because I never got an earful of anyone dyeing non-boiled eggs. I can now correct any similar lack for anyone else. My kid’s class dyed raw eggs.

Needless to say I was not expecting rawness as I went to peel an egg for my moppet to eat it. Fortunately, it possessed an extra strong membrane. I was blessed not to find egg splattered all over my table. Since I couldn’t put egg back in a fragile casing and boil it, I fried it. My kid was not gleeful about it. Quite upset actually. It was not my kid’s expectation, nor was it mine.

Many items in life are different from our expectations. We find ourselves scrambling (pun intended) to regroup and deal. We can fall apart or we can adjust. I put out a lot of effort in my life to adjust – it just makes our world an easier place to live. Do you know of any examples in your life? Did you manage your surprise well?

‘H’ was a lot harder than I expected! It took out words like the, her, this, when, and of course three. Hope you had a Happy Easter! Check out other A to Z participants using the link below.


  1. i thought h was kind of hard also, but not as much as d was--great life analogy!

  2. Hello, Kristi! I have never heard of anyone dying raw eggs, especially children. What a sticky, runny mess if anyone dropped them! In my family we love dying (hard-boiled!) eggs and having an egg-bucking contest on Easter. It's too fun!!

    My dad and I also have an annual tradition of making chocolate peanut butter eggs and chocolate coconut eggs on Good Friday. Yumyum!!

    Hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend and happy A to Z!!

  3. I was quite surprised to discover the egg was raw. I can't imagine giving a bunch of kids raw eggs and saying, "Go to town!" They had done the writing with crayons on them before dying as well so that means they held them in their hands. I'm hoping that most of them were boiled, and one set got missed or something. I may never know. ;)

    Those eggs sound super yummy... assuming you take out the coconut. I've never been a coconut fan.

    Thanks for reading!