Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Update ~ A Peek At My Life

A to Z is over... and yet, I didn't get a day off because it's Tuesday. Sigh. Oh well, at least I have the entire alphabet back at my disposal.

For those readers we picked up over the challenge, my normal posting schedule is Tuesdays (variety of things such as book reviews, discussion questions, etc.) and Fridays (my life lessons series like I did during the challenge).

It's been a long time since I updated you on my "Word of the Year" progress. (You can read about my decision to focus on the word "Healthy" this year here.)

Physical Health

I started (finally!) Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred. A. Ma. Zing. I'm stunned at the progress I made strength-wise in just two weeks. (I can do an actual push-up! Just one, but still! When I started I couldn't even do a full one with my knees on the floor. Yes, my upper body is that weak.) I dropped a whole jean size as well. My recent ailment kinda knocked me off track, but I'm getting back on today. 

I also managed to make and stick to a menu for one... whole... week... Hey, it's progress! :)

Spiritual Health

Dear Hubby's work hours have changed and that means we actually get to see each other in the morning. (Praise God!) and we've been reading the Bible together before we get up. It's been a great way to start the day. It has helped me remember to do my personal quiet time as well. Bonus! 

Unfortunately those are the only two of my goal areas that I made any serious progress in over the last couple of months. In May I hope to focus on getting us on a balanced budget and more prepared for coming events so I'm not rushing around the night before, or worse the morning of, getting everything together. 

Other Updates

In other news, I have an exciting update as far as my writing goes! The American Christian Fiction Writers have an unpublished authors competition. During the month of April I learned that my manuscript made it to the semi-finals. Woohoo! 

Your Turn

Did you make a Word-Of-The-Year resolution? How's it going? It's not too late to choose a word if you have never heard of the concept before. Making necessary adjustments to our mindsets is a year-long process! 

What kind of progress are you making? 


  1. Love the 30 Day Shred! I discovered it 2 (maybe 3?) years ago, and while there are other exercise DVDs I use regularly, I always come back to the Shred. It just works.

  2. I know! I really can't believe how fast I have seen results from it. Faster than anything else I've tried for sure.