Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Do You Believe in Miracles? ~ A Peek At My Readers

No, we're not talking about ice hockey or the Olympics (though the Summer Games are only 73 days away!!!).

I'm talking about real miracles.

Today, I want to hear from you. I've participated in several conversations lately about whether God is still in the miracle business, and if He is, why aren't we seeing it.

I've heard a few different theories lately:

1. He doesn't do the major miracles like raising the dead or such anymore because then there would be no denying His existence. Faced with that kind of proof we would be forced to believe and the elements of faith and free will would be removed from the decision.

2. He saves his miraculous power for less developed countries that are more dependent on Him than developed countries.

3. We don't acknowledge His miracles because He utilizes technology such as defibrillators and computer glitches to deliver His power.

There are so many others, but most of what I've seen falls into one of these camps.

So you tell me... Does God still work miracles? Where? Why don't we see them or talk about them?


  1. Wow, cool topic. I think it's important to clarify what a miracle is--it's when God breaks the "natural laws" of the universe. He doesn't break His OWN laws, b/c He doesn't have any! So, although we often say childbirth is "miraculous," it's really not UNLESS God saves the child in a supernatural way.

    That said, YES--I do believe God still works miracles, to bring glory to Himself. I imagine most of us have stories of times when God has stepped in and healed someone when doctors said it was medically impossible.

    When a miracle occurs, there's usually no denying it's a miracle. There's no explaining it away. And I definitely think that brings glory to the God of the universe!

  2. Well said, Heather. I also think miracles can be when people behave in a way that is entirely counter-intuitive or out of character. It doesn't have to be medical to be a miracle.

    I remember once when I lived in a gated apartment complex, I was trying to exit the complex and go to work. The exit gate is supposed to open as you drive up to it. It wasn't opening. I backed up, pulled forward, did everything to try to trip the sensor.

    An SUV pulled up and to the entrance, scanned their card, and then drove away, leaving me free to exit out the now open entrance gate. I count that as a miracle because it made no sense to the human way of thinking.

  3. i do believe God still performs miracles---i think maybe they aren't seen as much because of our unbelief--the bible says--Jesus didn't do miracles certain places because of the people's unbelief---also i think sometimes it is only in hindsight that we recognize some miracles---wonderful post

  4. I wonder if the people in the Bible realized they were part of a miracle or only saw it in hindsight... We read it knowing the miracle was happening, but do you think they realized it at the time?

  5. i think they must have--especially since they were such obvious things--like food multiplying--people's sight being given and so on

  6. I thought of this post this morning when I read this article, so I wanted to share it with you: Does R. C. Sproul Believe in Miracles?

    I was having difficulty coming up with words to express my thoughts on this question when you asked it back in May, but Dr. Sproul does a pretty good job. :)

  7. Very interesting. I never thought about making the distinction between the "miracles" and "supernatural works of God". I just kind of always assumed one was the definition of the other.