Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Best Christmas Songs You've Never Heard - Part 2

There are classics and standards that we're all familiar with when it comes to Christmas songs. But what about those new little gems that we may not be as familiar with? This month I'm highlighting a few of my favorites.

SONG #3 - I Celebrate the Day, Relient K

This song embodies the reason I absolutely love Christmas. I do not want to imagine what life would be like if Jesus had not been born (and by extension died and rose again). And yes, I know, no one really knows what day Jesus was born, but I like celebrating it at Christmas.

SONG #4 - Welcome to Our World, Chris Rice

There are a lot of Christmas songs about Jesus, but like the Relient K song above, this song is sung to Jesus. It's a wonderful telling of the sentiment the world should have had when the Savior came to earth. While it would have been nice for Jesus to get a proper welcome when he was born, at least we can express it today.

SONG #5 - While You Were Sleeping, Casting Crowns

This song starts with looking at how Jesus slipped into the world, unknown and unexpected. IT ends with a call for us to realize that the same thing could happen in America when Jesus comes back. Very powerful. 

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