Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Peek At My Yearly Progress

It's February which means the date now starts with a two which means that an entire month of the year has gone by. It is now time to see how well I'm doing on my resolution to focus on getting Healthy. (If you missed my post about choosing this as my Word of the Year, it's here.)

January Recap

In the month of January, I planned to start with Physical health. I joined Weight Watchers, set up my new fitness programs, and downloaded an alarm app on my phone in which I have to do math problems in order to make it shut up. If you are wondering what the alarm has to do with anything, I'll get to that in a second.

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My Goals for the Month
In the month of January I wanted to:
    - Join Weight Watchers Online
    - Stick with Weight Watchers program
    - Start exercising
    - Eat more fresh fruits and veggies

My Accomplishments for the Month
Here's what actually happened in the month of January:
    - Joined Weight Watchers Online
    - Diligently tracked my points for two weeks
    - Lost track during the monthly "Give Me Chocolate" saga
    - Half-tracked ever since. Oops.

    - Started exercising.
    - Started the Nine Week Workout program on my new EA Active 2 for the Wii (Love this by the way)
    - Missed Day 4
    - Haven't been back on. Oops.

    - Bought produce saving containers that I knew worked because my mom has some
    - Bought lots of produce and washed and prepped it and stored it in the containers
    - Ate the fruits and veggies
    - Repeated process. Yea!

    - Had a major breakthrough in Spiritual Health that I wasn't expecting. I'm sure I will share it here when God tells me the time is right to do so.
    - Have not missed my morning Bible reading time in two weeks. Awesome!

So the month was some good, some bad, but overall not a total loss. I have lost five pounds, which is a really good thing. I had that unexpected revelation which is an awesome thing. And I discovered am amazing ability to fall asleep in moments, which is just a weird thing.

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I downloaded an alarm clock app to my phone that would require me to work math problems because I figured that would force me to wake up when the alarm went off. I am good at math, but I can't do it in my sleep. My theory worked. With one exception. I can apparently wake up, do two math problems, and then fall back asleep almost instantly. My plan to get up and work out before my children awaken isn't going so smoothly.

February Plan

And now month two has begun. The beauty of focusing on one word is that I don't feel I have failed. While I did not accomplish all of my goals, my life is healthier than it was four weeks ago. Now to focus on moving forward and becoming even healthier.

My Goals for the Month
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Here's what I want to do this month:
    - Stick to Weight Watchers program through the whole month
    - Begin a morning Pilates habit (Every time I've done these before I get fast results which should help spur me onward.)
    - Practice keeping track of my spending in preparation for creating a budget for March
    - Begin purging my house of un-needed items to let me focus on what I love
    - Extend my morning Bible time to include more prayer time

So, how's your word of the year coming along?

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