Sunday, January 1, 2012

Fresh Start

Ah, January. The time of year when we all take a deep breath and try to start over. What is so magical about January First that gives us a clean slate? To a certain extent Mondays have this same elusive magic. How many times have you said I'm going to do better starting next week? Something in us craves that fresh start. We are desperate for the ability to draw a line in the sand and start over.

But there's nothing magical about January. There's nothing that happens when the clock strikes midnight that will suddenly turn you into someone who likes healthy foods, knows how to manage their money, and actually gets to places on time. You are still the same person at 12:01 as you were at 11:59. Don't get me wrong, people can change and sometimes that imaginary freshness is the catalyst it takes, but for most people it's a temporary high followed by the status quo low.

Did you know that you can actually have a fresh start? There is actually a way to take the mess of the past and leave it there? Jesus offers you a clean slate - forgiveness for all of your sins when you accept Him as your savior. If you haven't done that, every new year's resolution is futile.

If you have given your life to Jesus, ask him to take this mental imagining we have of the new year and make it a truly new beginning. In my regular Tuesday post, I'll tell you about my life change that I'm making this year. In the meantime, what about you? What are you asking Jesus to help you change?

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