Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I'm Ba-ack!

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See, I told you my hiatus would be temporary!

So, God and I have been having some pretty serious chats over the last couple of weeks. Lots of personal revelations that I will probably one day write a book about (that's what authors do, you know) but the end result was that I am having to take everything in my life, item by item, and hold them up and ask God about it. Does He want me to keep it in my life? If so, what does he want me to do with it?

I am ecstatic to say that I get to keep pursuing my writing career. That was a really difficult one to offer up, I must say. I will be making a few changes, however.

Going Away

1. I will no longer be using a pseudonym. Some of you didn't know I had one in the first place. It's not a significant shift by any means - just add an -er to the end of my name. All of my reasons for selecting a pen name still exist, but God apparently has other plans for addressing those issues.

2. Sadly, Olivia and John are going to have to hang out in cyberspace limbo for a while. While I loved the idea of the series, it took a lot of time that I really couldn't afford to spend on it. For now, I have to put them on the shelf.

Coming Soon

So the question is, if those things are going away, what new things are coming? I'm so glad you asked.

3. Regency Reflections is a new blog I am participating in. It is a group of inspirational authors that write books set during the Regency time period. I am really excited about this blog and the ladies that are participating in it with me. We will be at www.ChristianRegency.com/blog starting TOMORROW! I'll post a reminder here in the Drawing Room whenever I'm posting over at Regency Reflections.

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4. I will still be posting here on Tuesdays and Fridays. I want to have some loose themes for the different days, but God and I are still discussing that. Until He shows me a direction, my weekly posts could be on anything under the sun. Doesn't that put you on the edge of your seat? ;)

I am also taking some positive steps in my pursuit of publication, but I've always heard it's bad form to broadcast what your' doing on that front just in case it doesn't pan out. So, I'll just tell you I'm "doing things" and ask you to pray for me and my stories as we seek to take the next steps.

I'm excited for the future! I hope you are, too.

Have you ever had God change something on you after you'd started down a certain path? I'd love to hear your story in the comments!

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