Monday, October 3, 2011

Life Lessons from GRW Conference

I know you were all expecting to see the first post in a wonderful series about prioritizing your time today. Well, maybe not that specifically, but you were looking forward to a post about saving time and money.

I was, too.

But then I went to conference. I had an AMAZING weekend. I had some fun, made some friends, and most importantly learned a lot. All week (and possibly into next depending on how much I have to say) I'll be sharing some of what I learned from M&M (Moonlight and Magnolias - the Georgia Romance Writers Conference).

Lesson #1 - Listen to God

It is amazing how many times in my life I have had to relearn this lesson. I went to the conference because God told me to. It took me a while to hear Him, because I didn't think it was something we could do financially or practically. God made it happen.

So I took some time and listened to God. After turning over .... again... the book I want to sell so desperately,  I asked Him what he wanted for my blog. I know, I know, I should have done that the first time, but... oops.

So if you read that Coming Attractions post a couple of weeks ago scrap it. It's incorrect. Instead this blog is going to focus on lessons learned from things around us, like conferences and MarioKart. So pull up a chair, grab a cup of tea, and tell me about a time when God said, "You didn't listen to me, and now you have to go do it all over again."

And that series about prioritizing and managing time? I'll pull it out eventually. But not until God tells me to.

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