Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Importance of Community

Never underestimate the importance of having people around that will uplift, encourage, and help you. Last night I had the privilege of dining with a couple of new author friends. When I got there I was scared about going to my first conference, worried the pitch I had written was too cheesy, and generally feeling unsure about every step I had taken so far on my writer's journey.

Oh the difference when I left. These two wonderful women gave me a few pointers and few sentences of encouragement and a few moments of camaraderie. What they really and truly gave me though was a renewed sense of purpose and confidence.

It is so important to have people we can turn to that will help, guide, and support. Whenever possible, find someone who's been there and acquired some credibility in your eyes, because then the smallest word of encouragement carries such tremendous weight.

Never, ever underestimate to power of choosing not to go it alone.

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