Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Coming Attractions

I started a blog about a month ago because it just seemed like something I should do for several reasons.

1) It gives me an outlet to practice writing
2) It gives me a way to connect with people
3) It prepares me for the wonderful day I get published and need to interact with my amazing fans.

The only problem was that I didn't know what I wanted to do for my blog. If I wanted my blog to actually be something people wanted to read it needed to be something that was actually useful to them. As fascinating as I am (or at least my husband continues to tell me I am) I don't think anyone wants to read weekly posts about the bizarre ramblings I pull out of my head. That's what I had, though, so that's what I started with until I could think of something better.

I am pleased to announce I've thought of something better.

I figure that most readers of my blog (aside from ultra-supportive family and friends) will be other writers or avid readers. They will probably be Christians. History will most likely interest them. In other words, it will be read by people like me. So what would I want? Here is the plan I've come up with. As to how well I'll execute it? Only time will tell. ;)

MONDAYS - Posts about saving/making the most of your time and money. At first glance it may seem weird to put this on a writer's blog, but it is something readers and writers alike have in common - the need for more time and more money. Readers want more time to read more books. This will lead to buying more books. As an aspiring writer I am all for that scenario. Writers want more time to write. They also need cash flow to enter contests, go to conferences, and order promotional materials.

My current plan is to have a series on a single topic every month. October will be about prioritizing your time and figuring out what really needs to be in your schedule. I'm excited!

WEDNESDAYS - Writer days. These posts may be book reviews, insights on writing/how to write better, interesting pieces of history, and possibly eventually hopefully an ongoing story published in installments on my blog. Occasionally I'll even post about where I am in the process of getting published. I will mix in some reviews for new books, but I also plan on hitting my shelf of old favorites. Maybe I can help people find an amazing book they missed the first time around.

FRIDAYS - Fridays are Faith days. They will include a devotional type of post or just something God has taught me recently. I have begun drafting out some devotions inspired by pieces of interesting historic information and I am really excited about sharing those.

So that's what's coming! Hope you'll stick around and check it out!

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