Monday, October 24, 2011

Life Lessons From a Deer Stand

No, I didn't go hunting this weekend. I don't think I'll ever go hunting. I prefer to imagine my meat comes nicely packed in Styrofoam and plastic.

I did, however, attend a fall festival with my kids this weekend. Now, I've been to and participated in a lot of fall festivals in my day, but I've never found any of them particularly unique. Most of the time they're full of carnival booths and cake walks, hot dog plates and bounce houses. Occasionally you'll find one with a small hay ride.

This fall festival was really different. When we got to the church, we piled into a huge trailer lined with hay bales. They had two rigs running - two large tractors pulling hay filled trailers filled with people. The hay ride went through a large field, stopping occasionally to allow the passengers to get out and visit a series of booths. Each booth was set up in the back of a pick-up truck. At each one they told a Bible story and handed out candy to the kids. One of the booths was the story of Zaccheus. In order for the guy playing Zaccheus to be up a tree the whole time, he was sitting in a deer stand.

The whole thing was really neat. I stood at the top of the hill looking down on the set up and it struck me that there aren't a lot of churches that would have the resources to do what this church did - a large open field, access to lots of tractors and pick-ups, and, of course, a deer stand for Zaccheus. They took what they had and did something unique and engaging with it.

So many times we look at what we don't have and can't do because we see other groups or churches doing things a certain way. What we should be doing is seeing what we can do with what God has given us.

What resources do you have at your fingertips that would allow you to do something new and different?

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  1. Very true, Kristi. Good reminder about looking at what we do have instead of what we don't have.