Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Dog Ate My Blog Post

Or he would have.

If I had a dog.

And it lived in the computer.

*Sigh* I guess I have no one to blame then. Except the Olympics. I could blame the Olympics. Yes!

I'm supposed to be back on my regular blog posting schedule today and all I can say is that it just caught me off guard. Probably because the Olympics are still going in our house.

We were out of town all weekend, so I'm still catching up on some of the DVRed Olympic events. Do you ever find yourself watching things later than everyone else? Does the magic of DVRs and Hulu and things such as that keep you from watching things live? How do you prevent spoilers?


  1. i use on demand sometimes to catch up on a few shows i don't like to miss---i usually don't have to worry about spoilers, because no one i know likes the shows i watch ;)

  2. That certainly helps! I've discovered that even though several people we know watch the same shows we watch, TV has come up a lot less in conversations over the past few years. Maybe we've all discovered something better in life. ;)

  3. I really hate spoilers on the new movies that were released and I watched it late. .. because I want to have a suspense on the movie that I watch and I don't want to know what would happened next...

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