Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Trip Down Fantasy Lane ~ Peek At My Bookshelf

The book I'm highlighting today is not written from a Christian perspective. Please use your own discretion when choosing your reading material. 

Today I'm taking you on a journey into the imagination. I've always had an affinity for fairy tales. Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, these were all stories that fascinated me growing up and then again as an adult.

If you love fairy tales, then you need to check out some of Robin McKinley's older books. She has reworked several classic stories with a novel twist. While I highly recommend both of her renditions of Beauty and the Beast (books entitled Beauty and Rose Daughter) my favorite is Spindle's End which is based off the story of Sleeping Beauty.

Spindle's End takes the story of Sleeping Beauty and turns it on it's head. Unlike traditional versions of the story, the protective fairy godmothers have no connection to the royal family and gain the custodianship of the princess almost by accident.

I don't wish to ruin the book for anyone, so I will simply tell you that everything from the gifts bestowed by other fairy godmothers to the confrontation with the evil fairy gets a unique twist. Romance, friendship, family, and community are entertwined with communicating animals and a magic-infested land in a quirky, fresh story.

Robin McKinley with her hellhounds. 
Robin McKinley was unable to stop by today, but you can learn more about her and her life in England filled with gardening, dogs, and handbells by visiting her webpage. Visit her FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) and enjoy reading her rather long-winded but entertaining answers to questions such as "Where do you get your ideas?" and "If you weren't a writer what would you be?"

Some of my favorite giggles came with the questions "Why are all your answers so long?" and "Will you read my manuscript?"

If you're looking for something new to read and enjoy the fantasy genre, pick up a copy of Spindle's End.

Do you read any fantasy? Have you read Spindle's End or a different Robin McKinley book before?


  1. I *love* Spindle's End. It might be my favorite McKinley book (though I've got a real soft spot for Beauty, because it was the first of hers I read, and its imagery is incredible). My favorite part of Spindle's End is what she does with the kiss. I didn't even realize what she was doing until pages after I read it, then I started, said, "Ohhhhhhh!" and grinned.

    :D <-like that.

    I actually don't like Rose Daughter. Spoiler warning, for anyone who hasn't read it, but it deeply disturbed me that a certain transformation didn't happen at the end of the book, given the implications.

    Still love Spindle's End, though!

  2. I definitely enjoyed Beauty more than Rose Daughter. The end was kind of odd, and I'd have to go back and really look into how "beastly" the beast truly was in that version. SOme renditions have him altered but still, somewhat, human. It's not one I reread often, so I really can't recall. My copy of Beauty, however, had to be replaced a few years ago. It fell apart.

    Spindle's End is by far my favorite though. I would really really love to see it made into a movie, especially with all these fairy tale remixes coming out right now, with snow white and all that. It's such a fabulous take on the tale. I love how the romance ended. so fabulous.