Friday, June 15, 2012

Suspense Cake with Romantic Icing ~ Book Highlight #2

Confession Number One: Summer hit me like a... a.... thing that hits people really hard. I started to say blender but that makes no sense. Then I thought of a category 5 hurricane, but that seems irreverent to people who have lost everything in one. So... yeah. Come up with your own cool analogy and insert it here.

That's really showing my chops as a writer, isn't it?

What it really means is that I still didn't get time to interview the amazing Jillian Kent. I'm going to tell you about her new book anyway because today, and maybe tomorrow - I'm not sure how long the sale is - you can get the eBook version for just $2.99! (Nook link here.)

Jillian was over at Regency Reflections a couple of weeks ago, so you can read that interview and get to know her a bit. The book give-away is over, but the interview is still good.

Confession Number Two: When I first started reading Chameleon,  I had to stop and put it down for a while. The villain really gave me the willies. I was reading it before I went to bed at night and I discovered that was such a bad idea. I dreamed of menacing black birds for three days.

I did finish (I had to! Can't leave bad guys running around willy-nilly.) and I can confidently say that if you like your cake made of suspense with a thick coating of romance icing, you'll want a big slice of Chameleon. 

The plot is intricate and a bit twisted. I was confidant I had discovered the identity of the bad guy (although it was pretty late in the book), but the book still managed to surprise me. (If you have read the book, please make sure not to reveal the ending in the comments!)

I will admit that there seemed to be an awful lot of people stupidly riding off by themselves down dark roads and into dense groups of trees, but it wouldn't be very suspenseful if everyone did the safe thing. That's why you can spend half of a suspense movie yelling, "Don't go in there!" You could yell it through the second half of the movie as well except that you'd have been kicked out of the theater for yelling in the first half.

But I digress. Chameleon tucks romance and spiritual truths around the structure of a compelling life or death race to find a menacing killer. It is the second book in the Ravensmoore Chronicles, but you can easily read Chameleon without having read the first book. Although you may find yourself hunting Secrets of the Heart down later.

Prefer physical books? Chameleon is available from Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Christian Book Distributors, and many of your local book retailers.

Special thanks to Charisma House for my copy of the book.


  1. Hey Kristi! What an awesome review. I love your title. "Suspense Cake with Romantic Icing." I'm trying to get the word out that my publisher, Charisma/Realms is offering Chameleon for $2.99 on Kindle and Nook and maybe the others, not sure. If any of you can help me get the word out I'd appreciate it. It's for one week only but I think that's awesome. And as you found out, Kristi, this is not for bedtime reading. :) Enjoy everyone. I really think you'll like it. Blessings,

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Jillian! That is an incredible deal for such a recently released book. I have to say the twist at the end is really worth eyeing the sky in trepidation for a few days.