Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pony Rides and Pinatas ~ Birthday Memories Revisited

What is the best birthday memory you have?

My kids' picnic table cake from two years ago.
Everything is edible except the little people.
And the candles. 
Here at my house we're in the process of planning my children's annual joint birthday party. This always makes me think about the birthday parties of my childhood. My brother and I frequently shared birthday parties growing up since our birthdays were a mere week apart.

I remember having a tie-dye party where we all made t-shirts (in the eighties of course). Sleepovers were always popular insanity. My mom was a great cake artist. She would spend hours each year creating edible masterpieces for us to tear into and celebrate another year of life. One year I had unicorns and rainbows spilling across a cloudy sky.

My desire is that my kids have similar memories to look back on when they grow up. I spend a lot of time making their cakes and planning our annual cookout to make the most of each opportunity.

Now it's your turn! What are some of your favorite birthday moments?


  1. i love how you try and make birthdays so special!! i think my favorite birthday child memory was when my mom actually let me throw a bday party for my troll doll--cake and cook-out and movie for all of my neighborhood friends along with their troll dolls :)

  2. Oh my goodness - I remember troll dolls. All that hair! :) I think birthdays are really special because they're your own holiday. Everyone shares Christmas, but birthdays are all spread out.

  3. My brothers also celebrate their birthdays together. They don't hate it, but they sometimes they wish to have a separate party. Perhaps when you are planning a birthday party for two you must combine their interests to meet the theme they wanted. Then bring in your pinata for them and let them have fun.