Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Life Lessons from MarioKart - Volume 2

I like playing MarioKart. Recently I have been trying to achieve a star ranking on each of the Grand Prix sets. I started this because 1) it's more fun if you're playing towards a goal and 2) achieving star rank in all 8 sets on a particular level is supposed to unlock something in the game.

Imagine how upset I was when after many, many, MANY attempts I finally won star ranking on the final race in the set... and didn't win anything.

Sometimes it seems like we work and work and work for something, and when we finish, the reward just isn't there. Our spiritual lives can feel like that. We read our Bibles, spend some time in prayer, and still life seems like a huge mess. Where is the reward?

Well, in MarioKart the reward is that I'm now a much better player. I've spent some quality time with my kids playing the game. I've discussed strategies with my husband. I got a blog post out of it. And, possibly most importantly, I'm that much closer to being able to kick my brother's tail in our next MarioKart rematch.

In our spiritual lives the reward is so much bigger. We've spent some quality time with the Creator of the Universe. We've discussed theology with our fellow Christians. We get something to think about. And, possibly most importantly, we're that much more ready to handle the next curve ball life throws at us.

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