Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Show and Tell Time!

If you read Friday's post, you saw that I had an epiphany about stress in my life and how I was clinging to it as both an excuse and a motivator.

No more, my friends! This weekend, with the help of my fabulous hubby, we have been tackling projects around the house to relieve stress and increase organization and potential productivity.

Want proof? Just look below. It's time for some show and tell, class.

Exhibit A: The Brown Chair You Can Sit In

Why is this impressive? Because we haven't been able to sit it in since the middle of July. It's where I've been piling the clean laundry and we've been digging through it. Now? You can sit in it and kick your feet up. Which is good. Because it's one of the most comfortable chairs in the house.

Empty Brown Chair

Exhibit B: My New Dress

Yes, amongst the myriad of household makeoverness I found time to go shopping. Behold, the dress I shall be wearing to the banquet at the Moonlight and Magnolias conference where the winners of the Maggies will be announced. Even if I don't win, I'll be up on stage. I would like to look nice. 

Reason this is impressive? Banquet is, get ready for it, an entire month away. Take that procrastination!
Draped waistline of purple dress

Exhibit C: The Top of My Dryer

Please note the absence of various laundry type clutter such as the detergent and dryer sheets. Those are now at home in a new laundry cart between the washer and the dryer. Also absent? The mounds of lint kangaroos (they're bigger than bunnies but still hop) and strange sticky unknown substances that make you wonder if the clothes come out of the laundry dirtier than they went in. 

The best part? I can now return to my habit of taking the clothes from the dryer and folding them on top of the dryer for immediate put away. 

Cleared and cleaned top of a white dryer

Exhibit D:The Almost Empty Cabinet

This one was really all my hubby, but I'm still counting it because it's a biggie. Notice the vast emptiness on both of these shelves. The last vestiges of baby food (stockpile baby cereal) have left the house. What was out of date hit the trash can. Everything else went into the car to go to the food pantry Wednesday. Win-win.  Now there's room to organize the rest of the cabinets.    

Half empty cabinet

Exhibit E: The Carpet In My Writing Area

Probably the most impressive picture in this collection. This is the carpet in my writing area. It's pretty much all of it. My writing area is rather small. Which is probably why the area was full of papers, reference books, notebooks, a blanket, piles of DVDs, and various office supplies. Like Post-its. Yeah. 

Now they are all neatly stored in an end table cabinet directly behind me. (It's really difficult to explain the layout of our living room. It just works. Trust me.)

I vacuumed this area for the first time in about three months. Oh yeah. 

Small expanse of white carpet

There were numerous other accomplishments this weekend, but many of those are in my children's rooms. And they're asleep. So I can't get pictures because I didn't do this blog until the... last... minute...

Oh well. I suppose there's still room for improvement on the anti-procrastination train. 

How about you? Did you accomplish anything fabulous this weekend? 

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