Friday, November 14, 2014

Tweets of the Past Two Weeks: The Something for Everyone edition

A little something for my fellow control freaks: 

@JonAcuff "God doesn't need your help figuring out your life. He's been God for a long time." What @Jimwideman told me recently.

I focus all day on the words I write, but all too often forget the words I live. 

@StudentLife_Com If "Christian" is a noun, not an adjective, it's time to look at our verbs.

Great for fiction. Scary when you apply it to your life. Beware of wolves in sheep's clothing. 

@AdviceToWriters There is a rule for fantasy writers: The more truth you mix in with a lie, the stronger is gets. Diane Duane

For the history buffs out there:

@HistoryInPics The first official passengers in New York City's first subway, 1904
You know how you occasionally see pictures of tunnels with ridiculously intricate brick work? I have to wonder if this is why. The first subway car is awfully open to the elements. See those beautiful arches? I think this might be the old city hall station, well preserved as it's no longer in use. Check out the pics here. 

And there's always a little something for my writing buddies: 

@KierstenKrum I've no problem ending tweet w/out a period or deleting an apostrophe to make 140 characters, but by God there *will* be an Oxford comma.

@RandiLawson Don't be too hard on yourself when you're not feeling creative. There are literally 2 major league baseball teams named after sock colors.

And one of the best things about Twitter? Those moments when you feel like someone out there gets you and you're not quite as alone as you thought. Or as bizarre. 

This. Almost every day.

@MaggieSheWrote I think I'm caught up. Which generally means I'm forgetting something critical...

This would be me. If I were a runner. Which I'm not. Partly because this would be me. Also because it requires running. But I feel the sentiment.

@SuperWriterMom Saw a running sticker that said 27.4 (I got lost) - this amused me.

 Because getting up early to get something done NEVER works out for me.

@TanyaMichaels I have friend who get up at 5 a.m. to write. I could NEVER do that-- esp. when I've stayed up writing until 4:30. #waswriting

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