Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Top Ten Disney Princess Songs

One of the beautiful things about the fact that my daughter doesn't read my blog is that I can tell you about her Christmas present and she'll never know.

The project I'm working on for her involves quotes from Disney Princess songs, so I've been weeding through a lot of musical memories the last couple of weeks.

Here are, in no particular order, my ten favorite Disney songs sung by or about the princesses. (So, no, it doesn't include Hercules. No yelling at me for not including I Can Go the Distance.)

10. If I Never Knew You - Pocahontas

This is kind of a cop-out because I didn't really like the movie and the version I listen to isn't the movie version.

9. Reflection - Mulan

Sometimes songs have meaning because of the memories they invoke moreso than the song itself. That being said, I've always liked this song. Who doesn't struggle with the conflict of other's expectations and your own.

8. Someday My Prince Will Come - Snow White

The only copy I could find of the actual movie version didn't allow embedding. You can watch it here. The version below is a really beautiful one though.

 I wasn't one to dream about my wedding, but I often dreamed about and prayed for my future husband. Snow White could probably have settled for someone she didn't love and gotten out of the castle, but she was waiting for the right man. And I think that's pretty cool.

7. Friend Like Me - Aladdin

Stretching the princess connection here as Jasmine has nothing to do with this song, but it is so much fun!

6. I'll Make a Man Out of You - Mulan

On the theme of songs that are just plain fun...

5. When Will My Life Begin - Tangled

Great to sing on those days when life feels stuck in a rut.

4. Part of Your World - Little Mermaid

I think i love this song so much because it's fun to sing. Thinking about it now, though, with the internet and everything, we all have a bit of this mentality. How many celebrities do we follow on Twitter because we want to be part of their world and know what is going on. Interesting thought.

3. For the First Time in Forever - Frozen

I may get some flack for leaving Let It Go off the list, but this is my favorite song from Frozen. Life is full of new experiences and opportunities, even with people we thought we knew. I put the second part of the song, too, because it shows the difference in how people look at those opportunities.

2. I See The Light - Tangled

My daughter loves this song which gives it a little extra oomph in my eyes, but what I really like about this song is that this other person has helped them learn more about themselves. Yes, they want to be together but they've also grown in their own right. It's the mark of any good, true romance.

1. Tale As Old As Time - Beauty and the Beast

I'm going to get all philosophical on you now. In every person there is a bit of beauty and a bit of the untamed. As a lover of romance, the tale of Beauty and the Beast has always held a special place in my heart. I think this song is about that core quality of love and romance: finding the person that connects with you and discovering how that connection changes your life.

Honorable Mention: Half the Anastasia soundtrack

She isn't Disney so she really doesn't belong in this list. But I really love Journey to the Past and At the Beginning. The entire soundtrack was really amazing. I was kind of sad that the people who did Anastasia didn't do more movies. 

Did I leave off your favorite? Tell me in the comments below! 

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