Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A Title of My Own

One of the things I love about writing Regency is playing around with the aristocracy. There's just something fun and romantic about titles in the fictional world. In the real world titles and the politics and obligations that come with them could be a really big headache.

But I now have a title of my own.

No, not an aristocratic one, though I've heard there's a way I can one day get one of those as well.

I have my first official story title.

In less than a year, my novella will be coming out. The good news? It will be free. The better news? It's a really fun story with some characters I love and can't wait to introduce to you.

Coming in the fall of 2015,

A Lady of Esteem

Isn't that a fun title?

I'd love to hear what kind of thoughts and images that title invokes for you, so leave them in the comments!

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