Friday, September 5, 2014

Tweets of the Week: Oh The Places I Didn't Go Edition

One of the beautiful things about twitter is getting to experience places and things you don't use or don't get to go to.

For instance, the double fun weekend whammy that was Decatur Book Festival and DragonCon.
@NancyNorthcott Overheard in elevator as people rearranged to make room: "Hey! It's elevator Tetris!" #DragonCon2014

@SuperWriterMom What I hear in my head isn't crazy; it's a gift. @maxwellcathy told me so. #dbf2014

Something else I don't experience anymore? The wonder that is singledom. And by wonder I mean the wondering things like this:

@sarahsibsayy I just made bacon stuffed pancakes... How am I single??

(For the record, Sarah, I have no idea because you are awesome.)

Also "the cloud". To which no one has ever been. Or even knows where it is. 

@Jonnie_W You guys. New pic! Just leaked from the Cloud! (picture of rain puddle)

@StephenAtHome I keep hearing there are nude pictures in the cloud, but which one? I could only see one that kind of looked like an elephant

And though I haven't been here yet:

@kierstenwhite "Sum up your book in one sentence." Solidly rectangular, made of wood pulp, ink, and glue.

I will be soon. And that is exciting for any writer. 

@novelDoctor writing is a thing writers do between long stretches of convincing themselves they can't write

@Tiffanyreisz You might be writing my next favorite book. If you stop writing it, then I'll never get to read my next favorite book.

Is there somewhere your friends have gone recently that you'd like to have been to? 

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