Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Measuring Success: How to know you've "made it" as a writer.

When you're an unpublished writer, you're ultimate goal is easy to define. Either A) you are aiming for the elusive traditional publishing contract or B) you're waiting for your skills and stories to be strong enough to confidently publish yourself.

But what about once you've made your goal? What are the new goals you make to help yourself see the progress your making on this crazy, ambiguous path called publishing?

I took some time to make a few goals/mile-markers. And since every article I've ever seen says goals are more likely to be achieved if you share them, here they are.

1. Hold my book in my hand. Sign a copy. Do the happy dance. 

2. Have a twitter "followers" number that is higher than my "following" number. 

3. Make a social media connection with someone who has no association with me other than the fact that they read my book. 

4. Win a Rita, a Carol, and a Christy. I think they'd look right cute sitting on a shelf next to each other. And people always say to dream big. ;) 

5. Have a book signing that people I don't know attend. 

6. Get asked to speak at a writer's group. 

7. Get asked to speak to a church group. 

8. Get asked to speak to a school group. 

9. Go on a talk show. (I'm not being picky about which one or which medium because that's something that changes a lot and this one could take a while.) 

10. Donate swag and/or a basket to the M&M Conference. (Yes, I know I don't have to be published to do this, but I wanted to be.) 

11. Have fan art. 

12. Be on a panel/event with mixed-genre authors (not just inspirational romance). 

So, there you go. Twelve of the things I hope to accomplish as I continue my writing career. What do you think? What are some goals you have? What would you suggest I add to my list?

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