Friday, August 22, 2014

Tweets of the Week: Crazy Edition

On the craziness that is the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Trend: 

@FakeJDGreear I challenge all Southern Baptists to the KFC Bucket Challen... whoa. Finished already, huh? That was fast.

@NickiSalcedo This ice bucket challenge would really impress me in January

On the craziness of the Internet: 

@JonAcuff I've invented something new that allows you to make definitive statements about people you've never met. I'm calling it the Internet.
@ChrisRiceMusic Personal Peace Principle #1: Social Media for fun. Real life friends and family for deep, meaningful, or controversial discourse

On the craziness of people in general: 
@JenAshleyWright A guy in this bookstore is telling his girlfriend she has too many books. Question: who should this girl's new boyfriend be?

@FeliciaDay When you're in an elevator with a stranger and they get a text and it makes them laugh, the should share the joke.

@NatWaltersWrite Anyone else look at the UPS delivery person like they're the year round Santa?

@hankgreen I was trying to think of the names of some of my friends and I typed "friends" in to Google so...

@CapriceCrane More often than not, the right thing to say is nothing at all. More people should try that.

And on the hope that crazy sometimes brings:

So good! @ChrisSwain73 "If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses." - Henry Ford

@SimoneElkeles It's the little notes that Mom puts in your lunch that say I love you - mine are a little different

Have a great 1st day of high school! If anyone bullies you tell them your mom is an author and will make them the nose-picker in her next book. Love, Mom

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