Friday, August 15, 2014

On Writing and Writers ~ Tweets of the Week

@ehmanders Yes, you can make that up. #amwriting

Ah, writers. Such a strange lot we are, living in both the real world and one of our own making. All trying to master a craft no one completely understands.

There are 3 rules for writing a novel. Unfortunately, no one knows what they are. SOMERSET MAUGHAM via @AdviceToWriters

We're driven to do it, by passion, by a burning passion, by a fictional character that won't let us go. It's hard, pulling that fledgling idea out of our minds and growing it into a book that will transport someone to a new location for a few hours. It's hard, but we love it. 

@TanyaMichaels Son noted that writing seems VERY hard & wonders why I love it. Would it be wrong to reply HE's challenging/difficult but I love him too? :)

Then once we've done the hard work of writing, we open ourselves up to the criticism of others, the risk of failure, and the pain of rejection. And we do it over and over again because to not do it would cause something in us to cry. 

@ecniumata Why I love writers. They never give up. includes a comic about writers submitting to editors

Sometimes the burning drive becomes too much. So many artists suffer needlessly in the name of creation until the monster becomes too much to control. 

@okbjgm your madeness and your creativity are not one and the same. Seek help if you are depressed. The world needs all the art it can get.

Even the sanest among us lose ourselves in our work and have to be drug kicking and screaming back to the real world, no matter how much we love that real world. 

@TanyaMichaels Setting alarm before I dive into work so I don't accidentally miss meeting J for lunch. Fictional romance doesn't trump real life romance. :)

And then one day it all seems worth it. For a glowing moment you have achieved it all. Until you realize that publishing your work is just another way of opening yourself up to the criticism and rejection. 

@Raelaschoenner Exciting news!

But right now, I'm still glowing over the fact that I have an editor and she's retweeting me. If you missed the announcement about my first book, you can read it here. At the bottom is a link to my email list so you don't miss anything in the future. 

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