Friday, November 8, 2013

Things For Writers (and Others) To Remember ~ This Week in Media

Maybe it's because I'm caught up in the NaNoWriMo excitement, but there was a lot of stuff in my social media this week that spoke to me as a writer. Some of it motivational, some was inspirational, and some just made for a good mental break.

1. Remember the Underlying Message of Words

* This post I saw on Ashley Clements' tumblr is really interesting as it goes into the underlying meaning of a single sentence. As an author, the impression that words give of a person's attitude and motivations is extremely important. Click on the pic to go to Ashley's tumblr for the full post.


* Given that words have such meaning, let's make sure the words we write and say are worthwhile.

@iamkidpresident: Don't say something mean. Say something meaningful #bemoreawesome

2. Remember to Be Yourself

Every author is different. They have their own voice, views, and style. Whether in writing or in life it is SO important to remember that you are an individual.


3. Remember to Take Care of Yourself - Body, Mind, and Spirit

@feliciaday: I've taken my vitamins like 5 days in a row. I deserve a parade or something, right? #selfdisciplinez

* I, too, went a full week with taking my vitamins. This is an amazing accomplishment! The Hubs is so proud of me.

@hankgreen: "Paying tuition and skipping class is like paying for a hotel room and sleeping on a park bench" GO TO CLASS

* The mentality I wished I'd had at school and the one I need now. I have so many opportunities to further my writing education and I don't utilize them.

@ohjesly: The best life advice I can give 1. Never lie 2. Own your imperfections 3 be nice or shut up 4. love 5. wash your hands after you go potty

4. Remember to Find (and Focus On) the Good

@mkwiles: cleaning out my photos on my phone and smiling at the last few months. It's funny how we focus on the lame when there's so much good

@LaurieAEakes and I are doing a praise challenge next year. Join us! #Praise2014

5. Remember to Have Fun

* On tumblr, there's been a 50 Days of Doctor Who challenge. I haven't been participating or following it much, but this one... I want this one to happen:


*And a good giggle now and then never hurts.

@SuperWriterMom: I do not like you in the dark I do not like you in the park. I do like you with a yam. I do not like you 6 AM. @ohjesly: So I just realized that because our bodies are like 70% water and 30% meaty stuff we're all just kinda walking around being soup @jonacuff: Didn't get bit by a goose today. Pretty good day.

@RachelleGardner: "Ooh! Independent bookstores! I should buy one of those on Amazon!" - Stephen Colbert

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