Thursday, October 17, 2013

Emma Approved, Doctor Who, and New Books ~ This Week on the Internet

Memorable Media Moments ~ Week of October 12

Some of my favorite Social Media shares of the past week:

1. Emma Approved

This actually started last week, but I wasn't doing roundups last week, so here it is! The long-awaited next book adaptation from Bernie Su and Hank Green (and a lot of other people, I'm not really sure who all is in on production.)

2. Doctor Who 50th Awesomeness

As November 23rd draws nearer, the Whovians are celebrating. Some of my fave moments this week:

~ The Day of the Doctor stills. Yes I got excited about pictures. John Hurt at the TARDIS controls = awesome anticipation.


~ This post about Martha. I actually liked Martha as a companion. I thought this was a good write-up about why she was awesome during her time.



3. The Things That Made Me Giggle

Hank Green: The radio is playing in this restaurant. It played an advert for this restaurant. I'm kinda surprised that's never happened to me before.

Jim Gaffigan: Researchers have discovered eating bacon lowers sperm count and that researchers waste time & money instead of finding a cure for cancer.

Response to Jim Gaffigan: Don't you have like 2 hours of material on bacon and 6 kids?

4. Things that Make Me Go Hmmm...

James Emery White: Of course Christians proselytize. If we really believe in heaven and hell, how could we not?

~ Also this: the most awesome customer service exchange on a live chat application ever. This is definitely a win. What if we all handled our problems with this kind of attitude?

5. Celebrations

~ Prologue and First Chapter of Julia Quinn's new book! I think this has actually been up for a while, but I just discovered it this week, so yea! Book comes out in a couple of weeks. That will be exciting as well.

~ Laurie Alice Eakes' new Regency released this week and we're partying over at Regency Reflections! Loving that the Inspiration Regency market is growing.

A Reluctant Courtship Contest at Regency Reflections

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