Monday, July 1, 2013

In Which All My Hair Goes Away

Bucket lists. They're interesting things. Sometimes we have things we really want to do and we just can't explain why we want to do them so badly.

This is one of mine.

What's on your bucket list? Have you done anything off of it?


  1. I like the new hairdo. I've got a coworker who donates her hair pretty consistently. It's always a shock every couple of year when she comes in on Monday with short hair. Kudos.

    As far as my bucket list...a trip to Europe! Most everything else I can think of is more along the lines of maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle and living my life in a God honoring way.

  2. Europe is amazing. I've been blessed enough to go twice and both were definite highlights. I highly recommend Switzerland and the Alps. Breathtaking. My dad has been several times and says May is the best time to go, in case you're ever planning a trip. ;)