Friday, February 15, 2013

A Case for Quality ~ Life Lessons From Melted Crayons

We melted crayons for my daughter's valentines this year. In the wonderful world of Pinterest inspiration, we made molded heart crayons for her to give her class.

[caption id="attachment_233" align="alignright" width="300"]circle of crayons photo:[/caption]

The first batch was a learning experience. We used bits and pieces from all the scattered crayons and broken bits in the crayon box. Some of them were the big fat crayons from the dollar store, a few were Crayolas, some were from restaurants, and still others were from a old art kit.

We put them in the oven (in the mold. Go here if you want instructions.) I kept an eye on them, wanting to remove them from the oven before the wax started separating.

An interesting thing happened - all the crayons didn't melt the same.

The first batch ended up a bit lumpy on the bottom because some of the crayon chunks stayed intact. So I left it in a little longer. No change. Eventually I look them out and decided that would have to be good enough. They ended up a bit muddy because the good crayons had melted and begun to separate. The final product was usable, but not what I was expecting.

We had to make a second batch to have enough for the class. We'd used up all the broken pieces in the first one, so I broke up a box of new crayons, all the same brand, and those hearts turned out MUCH better. The melting was even and I was able to take them out and maintain the mottled look.

Sorry I forgot to take any pictures of this adventure.

But I think life is like those crayons. Things are going to heat up and get crazy. Eventually all the parts of your life start to mesh - nothing really stays separate. If you have things of poorer quality or corner cutting substitutes in your life, you'll be left with bumps.

When you fill your life with things of God, things of quality and purity, then when things heat up, they'll mix better, giving you a final product you can be proud of.


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