Tuesday, January 1, 2013

This Year I'm Gonna Be A Swoosh

Friday I took a look back at how my year had gone. Some really big ups and a few downs, but overall a good year. My biggest disappointment was how poorly I did with my word of the year thing.

Looking at it, I didn't do as badly as I originally thought. I didn't lose any weight, which is probably the actual  biggest disappointment from the year, but I am eating a little healthier. My self-image is definitely better. I took steps to reach out a meet a few more people and fulfill some social needs that had been lacking. My house is also in much better shape than it was a year ago. Not perfect, but not awful either.

Even though it didn't go as planned, I'm not quite ready to give up on the yearly concept idea. (That's the idea that instead of resolutions you pick a theme for your year. Then you try to keep that theme in mind as you make your decisions. You can read more details about the concept in last year's post.)

So, may I have a drumroll please? (You'll have to provide your own. I hate background sounds on webpages. Although, if you just really want to hear one you can try this video.)

This year's theme is...

Yep. I'm gonna be a swoosh. Taking Nike's slogan and making it my own.

It's ironic really because I can't wear a Nike shoe for anything, but they make lots of other athletic stuff that I like.

It's not one word, but it is one concept, and I think that still fits with the yearly word idea.

Why This Theme?

I am notorious for procrastinating. In fact, I am writing this blog about eight hours before it's supposed to post. Not the closest I've ever cut it, but closer than I'd like.

My house is full of piles I've made with the intent of doing them all at once. For instance, there's a pile of bills (paid, just in case you're wondering) that I still have to scan and file. Instead of running them through the scanner which takes about 5 seconds - I have an autofeed scanner - I let them pile up.

Under my new slogan, I'll scan that puppy as soon as I write paid across the top.

My life is full of that kind of thinking. It means that things end up getting done late or barely getting done or maybe even not getting done at all.

I make plans like you wouldn't believe. They rarely get done, because I make very ambitious plans and then procrastinate the things that would let me accomplish them.

So this year, I'll just do it.

Get a great blog post idea? Write and schedule the article then (unless, of course, I'm on my way out the door or driving or something). No more sticking it on a post it note and then watching some television.

Find something that belongs in another room? Go put it away (unless, of course, there are sleeping children in said room.)

I'm noticing a pattern of exceptions, but no one ever said life was simple. Or maybe they did. But if they did they were wrong.

What about you?

So that's my plan. What about you? Do you make resolutions? Prescribe to the yearly theme idea? Have a plan for making yourself better this year?

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