Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I Don't Watch Downton Abbey And Other Confessions of a Regency Writer

Every group has its "popularities". Stereotypes or things that most of the group, or seemingly most of the group, likes or does.

Authors have a lot of them.

Regency authors have even more.

I have decided to come clean and confess that there are a few areas where I don't mesh with my sisters (and the occasional brother!) in writing. So, have a seat and be sure you aren't drinking anything. I wouldn't want you to choke on my shocking confessions.

1. I don't watch Downton Abbey. 

Yes, I know, it's shocking. It seems that most of my Regency writing friends are hooked on it. I watched the first season and then I was kinda over it. The house is gorgeous and you have to love the clothes, but the plot and such just don't do anything for me.

2. I'm not a huge fan of Georgette Heyer.

If you don't hang out in the world of Regency authors, you may not realize that this is an even more shocking announcement than someone saying they aren't a huge fan of Jane Austen. Heyer was the mother of the historical romance novel and many current authors grew up reading her books. Some people I've talked to tell me I just haven't read the right ones, and that's quite possible. As of yet, I am not a Heyer fan though.

3. I don't drink coffee.

Not even occasionally. Take me to Starbucks and I'll order something with chocolate in it.

4. I'm not a cat person.

I've about decided that this is a blessing, given the number of friends I've had that mention the horrors of trying to keep the kitty off the keyboard. I don't have any pets really, but if I were to have a large one it would more likely be a dog than a cat.

5. I don't know a dangling participle from a split infinitive. Seriously. I don't even know what they are. Those are just terms I looked up on Google so I could write that sentence. 

My. Grammar. Stinks. Really. I don't know the third thing about grammar. (I figure the first is nouns and verbs and the second is adjectives and adverbs.) I have a dear friend that edits my grammar, but when I'm writing my first drafts, the pages are full of passive participles axing infinitives while they hang off the side of a cliff. At least, I assume they are since I don't know what those are so have no way of avoiding them. And commas.... I don't think I could place one correctly if you offered me $1,000 to do so, no matter how many times my very patient, dear friend has tried to teach me.

If you've been reading for a while, you know I confessed the grammar thing before. Go check it out - it has an awesome poem about the absurdities of the English language.

So there you have it. My author confession list. Think they'll still let me in the club?


  1. I also secretly hate cats. Can't share that too openly -- oops, I just did? Heyer's books are pretty good, but I can totally see that not everyone would like them. Grammar: the terms you used are things that used to be taught in schools - even before my time :) But, don't end a sentence with a preposition, and don't insert a word between a modifier and its subject. (There's more to it, but this gets me by). I do not watch Downton Abbey, either. See, we do have things in common. :) Blessings, Susan

  2. Now if I only knew what a modifier was.... :)