Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Cajun Night Before Christmas ~ A Peek At My Bookshelf

Have you missed me? I've been flying under the radar for a couple of weeks. I'll have a bit more on that Friday. Right now, it's time for me to share another of my favorite books with you.

When I was little, my family lived just outside of New Orleans. If you aren't familiar with New Orleans and the immediate vicinity, there's a unique subculture known as Cajun. (Here's the Wikipedia article on it. While it isn't an authority, it will give you a basic understanding of the culture and it's history.)

One of the things unique to the Cajun subculture is their speech. The dialect and vocal rhythms are unique and intriguing. Someone gifted my parents with a copy of Cajun Night Before Christmas by Trosclair. My father read it to me as a child and I loved it.

In fact, I stole it. One of these days I'm going to buy my own copy and give theirs back as a Christmas gift. Until then, it stays on my shelf and I read it to my kids at Christmas.

The book is written in dialect, so even if you don't know how Cajun people say the word "children", you can read the book, because he writes it as "chirren".

More than just the speech is changed from the classic poem, though. Set in the bayou where many Cajuns live, Santa gets around on a skiff pulled by alligator with decidedly French sounding names. He wears brown muskrat instead of bright red velvet... which he catches on fire when he comes down the chimney.

If you're looking for a fresh story this Christmas, take a look at Cajun Night Before Christmas. It's a delightful tradition. You can buy it on Amazon, or look for it at your favorite book distributor.

Here's a youtube video of someone reading the story. Have a listen and enjoy this fun tale.

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