Friday, November 16, 2012

Wanting to Make A Difference ~ Life Lessons from The Voice

I've mentioned before that I enjoy reality television. I've been really enjoying The Voice this season - they've made some good changes to the format, I think.

One thing they've done is added more rounds and more opportunities for the judges to compare and cut/save people on their team. The most interesting thing I've noticed about these judges decisions is that frequently, when faced with a hard decision, they said something along the lines of "I think I can have more influence on so-and-so."

Taking them at their word, it seems that the best singer wasn't always chosen. They picked the person who was almost there, but needed a little coaching, a little this or that, a little nudge to be a success. I found this curious, since, in theory, the point of the show was to have the person who had the best voice on your team.

The conclusion I came to is that one of two things were happening:

1. They didn't think the other person had done too well and wanted a handy excuse.


2. Making a difference was somehow more important than winning.

I think it was probably a combination of both, but in the end, wanting to leave a mark on the world tipped their decision.

Most people have a desire to change the world, even if it's just their own little part of it. We want to leave a fingerprint on the lives of those around us. The drive to be noticed and remembered colors more decisions than we realize, sometimes.

Some people choose to become infamous. Others become activists. One person might seek to leave a mark by changing laws and policies while another wants to enrich and inspire through art.

It made me think about what type of mark I want to leave.

Recently, a wonderful, amazing woman that I knew from a former church I attended passed away. We were unable to arrange things so that we could attend the funeral, but it was packed. When her husband died five years ago, his funeral was standing room only.

I don't think you have to make a name for yourself to make a difference. This couple never did anything extraordinary. They just loved people with the love of God and it impacted everyone that ever met them.

There have been moments when someone I've taught or counseled has a life changing break through, an a-ha moment when they realize that God loves them more than anything. I treasure those moments because in that space in time I know that God used me to make the most important difference of all - I loved someone.

So I think we should all take a page from the coaches of The Voice. Let's seek out those we can help, those we can build up. Encourage those who are past the need for you. Pray for them and be there for them because they need the strength to help someone else. But don't get caught up in the search to be or attach yourself to the best. Get captured by the desire to make a difference.

When you live life like that, you'll see the world become a better place.

Who has coached you in your life? Has anyone ever poured God's love into you in such a way that it changed your life?

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  1. Wow! Fascinating insight. I missed that fine point, but it does reflect the desire to make a difference these coaches put before picking the best voice. The "people" part of these shows is fascinating and I like the way you mined it for a nugget.