Friday, November 9, 2012

Not bad doesn't mean good ~ Life Lessons from my keyboard

I finally broke the F6 key off my keyboard. It was bound to happen. In fact, F5 is probably eventually going to meet the same fate. It's almost inevitable.

Right now you're probably wondering what I have against those poor, innocent function keys. The answer is nothing. My desk, on the other hand, thinks they're evil.

My keyboard, sans F6 key. See how much better it fits now?
See, I use an ergonomic split keyboard. It rises up in the middle, making F6 and F5 the tallest keys on the board. They are just slightly higher than the clearance for my keyboard tray when it slides into the desk, which means those keys depress just a little (not enough to activate the key though) when I push my keyboard in.

Occasionally, they wouldn't depress and my keyboard would stop instead of sliding neatly into it's home.

This week, the desk had it's revenge. I went to push my keyboard in and F6 flew off, never to be seen again.
Since F5 was a little lower than F6, my keyboard is now moving with considerable more ease. It's great. Makes me wonder why I didn't pop off that F6 key a long time ago.

It also makes me wonder if there are other F6's in my life.

There's nothing wrong with having an F6 key on your keyboard. In fact, computer standards indicate there needs to be one. It even has a functional use, though I never use it. I didn't even know what it did until I looked it up out of curiosity when I no longer had one.

Some uses of the F6 key:

        - Highlight/Select/Activate the address bar in your web browser
        - Move to the next pane in Microsoft Power Point
        - Open the color selector in Photoshop (at least, I think it's the color selector. It's some type of color window)
        - Adjust the keyboard backlighting if you own a Mac

The poor little F6 key where it landed after the desk rejected  it.
I might have turned it to make the picture better... maybe. 
All of these are useful things for a key to do, but the fact is, I never used it, I don't need it, and my life is really just as simple without it. Simpler, even.

Life is full of things like that. Things other people tell us we need in our lives, things that do good and useful things. But we don't use them. We don't need them. They may even cause physical, mental, or emotional clutter in our lives.

I think I need to look for those and pop them out. Watch a little less TV. Play a few less computer games. Make more time for the things that matter, things that make my life simpler and easier and better. Just because it isn't bad for you or someone says it needs to be there doesn't make it good for you.

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